Heating Oil delivered in Cornwall

Consols Oils deliver a range of quality fuels and oils throughout Cornwall.

We cater for both commercial and domestic fuel oil supplies, difficult access deliveries and narrow Cornish roads are no problem for our fleet of mini tankers.

We also supply Road Diesel, Red Diesel (Gas Oil) and Kerosene fuels from our depot in St Day.

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We aim to accomplish all deliveries within 2-4 working days*

You have selected 500 litres

*Subject to weather and availablity

"Consols Oils are Fuelling Cornwall" Fuelling Cornwall

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  • THE OIL PRICE IS HEADING RAPIDLY NORTH. This mornings price rise Alert (09 May 08:21) : Rotterdam Gas Oil has risen by 1.63ppl this is on top of similar rises seen yesterday. Kerosene and derv prices have risen in a similar fashion. Donald Trumps beligerent belicosity with Iran is not helping as the speculators pile in. Best advice is not to panic supplies are normal so any delays in delivery are merely down to the fact that we are seasonally busy with red diesel volumes due to the belated fine weather. We are short staffed this week with pre booked holidays after the unprecedented bad weather back in March and April. Hopefully this will be just another flash in the pan which will just as quickly normalise but a lot depends on what the man with the funny hair says or does in the interim. OUR POLICY WITH REGULAR CUSTOMERS IN THESE CIRCUMSTANCES IS THAT ONCE A PRICE IS QUOTED AND ACCEPTED BY THE CUSTOMER IN THE FORM OF A CONFIRMED ORDER THAT PRICE IS FIXED IRRESPECTIVE OF FURTHER PRICE MOVEMENTS. WE DEFINE A REGULAR CUSTOMER AS ONE WHO HAS A REGULAR BUYING PATTERN WITH AT LEAST ONE PURCHASE IN ANY ROLLING 12 MONTH PERIOD. REGULAR CUSTOMERS GET ABSOLUTE PRIORITY AT ALL TIMES. STOCK AT THE PRICE QUOTED IS ALLOCATED BY OUR COMPUTER SYSTEM ON A FIRST IN FIRST OUT BASIS. Read More...