Heating Oil delivered in Cornwall

Consols Oils deliver a range of quality fuels and oils throughout Cornwall.

We cater for both commercial and domestic fuel oil supplies, difficult access deliveries and narrow Cornish roads are no problem for our fleet of mini tankers.

We also supply Road Diesel, Red Diesel (Gas Oil) and Kerosene fuels from our depot in St Day.

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We aim to accomplish all deliveries within 2-4 working days*

You have selected 500 litres

*Subject to weather and availablity

"Consols Oils are Fuelling Cornwall" Fuelling Cornwall

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  • NOTHING IS FOREVER. Ten years ago we took the (for us) major decision to replace our fleet of ultra reliable ERF trucks as they were no longer available, it was a very close call between Scania and MAN. This was the start of a major expansion programme as we had previously only operated a couple of rear steer ERF's so the decision to buy 5 was not taken lightly We decided on Scania for the move into 6 wheelers and MAN for the four wheel sector of the fleet with Isuzu chassis for the baby tankers, we also acquired a 440hp MAN pre owned tractor unit. We took delivery of the first of five P series Scanias in 2009 which were 18000 litre rear steer 6 wheelers with the 9 litre five cylinder 320hp engines, they have proven to be good workhorses. The indisputable efficiencies of the rear steers have dramatically increased distribution capacity because they are capable of accessing virtually all locations that our 4 wheelers did formerly. We are just about to commence the next cycle of renewal of this sector of our fleet but there is a very long lead time at our tank builders which dictates that we will be having the replacement model if we stay with Scania. Details are scant at present, what will they be coming up with? One thing for sure the P series will be a very hard act to follow. Read More...