Fuelling Cornwall

Company History

Company History

Consols Oils was founded in 1986 by Kevin Bennetts, an ex-fisherman seeking a new career path.

A need was identified for a heating oil supplier prepared to undertake difficult or awkward deliveries, a task often not relished by more established suppliers.

Consols Oils first delivery vehicle was a tiny 600 gallon capacity tanker built to cope with Cornwalls legendary narrow lanes.

During the intervening years many milestones have been reached, notably our first brand-new tanker in 1990, enlarged storage in 1992 and new offices and warehouse in 1994. At around this time we obtained our first large articulated tanker to fetch our own bulk fuel supplies into our premises at St Day.

This was followed closely by the revitalisation of the Sea Fed Oil Terminal at Falmouth Docks, which meant that West Cornwall is now potentially self-sufficient for supplies of diesel and heating oil. This fact is often overlooked, there are huge environmental benefits in keeping heavy articulated vehicles off the over-crowded inherently unsuitable Plymouth corridor. Being a deeply rooted Cornish company we are proud to be able to make this ongoing commitment to our local infrastructure.